back up dancers!

i just watched the m.i.a. appearance on letterman live – she’s one out there woman! y’all should check it out, if only to be as enthralled by the horde of back up dancers / singers who look and dressed exactly like m.i.a.

in other exciting news:

  • we’re going to be supporting the jezabels (fabulous!) at the gaelic club in two weeks. good luck if you can get tix (i think it’s maybe sold out, but then i often think somewhat factually incorrect things, so perhaps do your own checking there…)!
  • over the summer we’re going to be the backing band for DEATH MATTEL! holy smokes! look out for some rad gigs to party on down at.
  • heaps of shows coming up, so check the shows page!
  • we’ve submitted  all our vinyl things SO in 2011 we’re going to launch our 12″ single! YAY! more deets of interstate launching pads coming soon!



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