fun things!

we’ve been having loads of fun recently!

big-ups to the jezebels for having us play with them at the gaelic club, and to tenzenmen for organising the amazingly fabbo celebrated summer festival last weekend. we had a total blast! if people would like to be involved in organising another festival, please get in contact with tenzenman: thetenzenmen (at) gmail (dot) com

there are some great pics about on face-space and other “social networking locations”, and we’ll try to put some on our pics page too.

if you missed the martyrdoom of emily wilding davidson on wednesday night, then you missed out. synchronised swimming in a bucket! genius! keep an eye out for it at a performance space near you.

in other news, the pitz sessions that we participated in ages ago are up on youtube. click on the link below to have a look:

click here

another big week of women coming up with the intentions ep launch on thursday night and a fundraiser for fbi at the red rattler on friday night. please come and have a boogie with us!


ps the 12″ is off and rolling! expect launches and parties in january 2011!


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