Steve “can I have another Yorkshire pudding” Nuttall presents Spook House

Spook House is Steven Nuttall’s first solo exhibition at Hardware Gallery and will feature a gallery wide, completely immersive visual and aural experience. Using classic iconography of ghosts and monsters to explore broader concepts within the work, Steven will lead viewers through an examination of death, religion, science and the ever-present concept of an afterlife and the existence of the soul.

As part of this exploration, we will be presenting a two week long program of performance events and live painting.

18 – 29 January, 2011


18th – Gallery Opening Night, DJ SET

18th – 29th – Live painting of the gallery, Daily


21st – Mere Women, ALPS and Collarbones

22nd – Sketch the Rhyme, Ellesquire

23rd – Mark Lagana, PJ Wolf, Temperamental Locket, Lisa Caruso, , Donna Amini

25th – Origami Girls, Vacations, Tear Jerker, DJ Shaftcock (Brutal Poodles DJ set)

28th – Ernest Ellis (solo), Little A

29th- Intentions, Unity Floors


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