When I heard that Bjork was releasing a new album my first feeling was excitement, that dwindled to skepticism, that then developed in to a fear that it would fall down the same slippery slope as the not-so-fantastic (in my opinion) ‘Volta’. But as I heard the three tracks – Crystalline, Cosmogony and Virus – I felt all warm, fuzzy and nostalgic inside. I heard familiar sounds and ideas from previous albums that I have always loved. But that said, ‘Biophilia’ does not sound the same as previous albums, it’s more that it is not so different from them that it feels alienating.

For a long time I have been anti-iphone, for no other reason than I fear new things and feel safe and comfortable with my ancient brick. However, ‘Biophilia’ has changed all of this for me as the album is being released as an interactive iphone application. I need it and I want it! I’m getting an iphone!







2 responses to “Biophilia

  1. hahaha… this is the best reasoning I’ve heard for iPhones yet!

  2. I literally went out and got one today!

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