Peter Hore

Newcasltle’s “serial pest” found another Australian icon to “attack” on the 29/09/11 ………Katrina’s drum kit. Peter Hore is notorious for interrupting the likes of the Melbourne cup/Football matches/Michael Hutchence funeral and now a Mere Women show. Mid way through our first song at Sound Summit,Hore launched himself into the drum kit, spilling beers, breaking leads and shocking ourselves and the lovely punters.

Someone had “taken” his dog

Here’s an interesting clip of Peter explaining some of his actions


4 responses to “Peter Hore

  1. haha
    peter is a fun guy…and never violent..
    have a chat with him…hes smart too.
    He was the president of our club year ago.

  2. Bob taylor, interesting comments from the man who man handled Peter off the stage at a GT club Dinner. I even have a photo of you Bob with your arm around him dragging him off stage like some animal. No Peter is not a violent person, but you are – only when you are handling someone weaker than you who can’t fight back. All he did was sneak up on stage and say “Mopar Mopar, I am the president of the USA”, then Bob ripped him off stage and threw him out – yeh, have some respect Blob Taylor.

  3. He is mentally askew, this guy used to freak people out at punk gigs when I first started going to them 16 years ago, he smeared his own poo all over himself at the nofx gig at the Phoenician in 94, and sat dead center of the dance floor at hard ons rocking back and fourth doing hand signs and stuff in 96, sad to hear he still hasn’t really found mental stability.

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