Pre Order “OLD LIFE”

orders are available over at our bandcamp for “OLD LIFE”.You get a FREE download immediately while you wait for the record (released 30/06/12) + Poster.




‘Esther’ is the number two sneak peek off our upcoming album Old Life.

This track is about an amazingly creative and talented women who spent a large portion of her life in a state of stifling depression, devouring soap operas and polishing off crosswords. Not many people knew anything about her.

“like sands through an hour glass, those were the days of her life”


‘Amends’ is our new single. It’s off our upcoming album Old Life. This clip looks like it was made on an iphone because we had a budget of $0 and it was. A few weeks ago we decided that the MTV kids of today (ourselves included) have such short attention spans that they can’t listen to a song without seeing a clip to go with it…. therefore we would make one!

Everything in this clip was filmed at a house in Enmore, Sydney where a couple of our pals live. The only thing between this house and complete destruction is a bit of gaff tape. It’s a place where we like to hang out, shoot the shit and waste empty days.

The clip is an ode to this rambling structure and our friends who live there.




Old life

We’re half way through mixing our album and it’s sounding pretty delish.


sweet sorrow

Loving The Broken Man by Matt Elliot. 9 minutes of gorgeous wallowing sorrow. Stick with it cos it gets even better around the 5 minute mark.


This song makes me happy to be sad…

x k